Thursday, January 04, 2007

Journey of UTSAV

In Hindu pujas, incense sticks glow, spreading the fragrance, bringing the blessing for all, guide us to the ecstatic journey to have a glimpse of eternity, due the pathway heard is the rhythmic tune of invisible string, that’s what for which people culminate to have bliss.

I have seen lives smiling there. I agreed that perfection is a way of life. Exactly the ways through which UTSAV traveled so far, being myself an eye witness.

Autumn ends, gathering starts to shape the final fantasy of the festive aura. At this stage, however, we don’t bother much about the initial preparations, making up the mindset “Wake me up when December begins…”, but can very well estimate the preparations taking place at far end, across the globe. Mind you, not nation, but globe. And then the sentence which brings the enthusiasm, which motivates most, is “Game On”.

Responsible citizens take their command, guide the up next generation of responsible citizens to optimize their talents to be a good literati, to be a good speaker, to explore their artistic imaginations and entertain with everything. Number of stairs left to climb becomes lesser, lesser and lesser.

Coming to my recent past. Sixth Edison of UTSAV just got over in my witnessing. Officially eighth. With the daybreak, start the test of commitment for their responsibilities assigned. With days being passed, tests toughen, commitments strengthen. Result? A huge success. Success in cultivating the level of intellect. Success in enhancing the learning ability. Mind you, being the successful learner, I feel, is the toughest test in which everyone appears, every moment. And came the end of festive aura, enlightening our souls, guiding us on the way to be the perfect.

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