Friday, May 25, 2007

The palace which need not be named

Had it been an unnamed place, we would have survived from identity crisis. The story begins from the glance at the beautiful signboard. Chocolaty, Mota Bhai and Taauji were on the way to excel in shaping their final idea of Robosapiens, although it could never taste its final shape. And all of sudden Mota Bhai turned our attention to a beautifully designed signboard of a place to hang out, which certainly sensed us to go for the experiment. The signboard belonged to a palace which need not be named Royal, if somehow mistaken. It let us little difficulty to find the entrance, but we made it as we IITians are made to solve the difficulties only, however it has turned from being technical to something else which nobody can be confident of. Entry to the palace let us feel that we can never make mistakes in choosing our hangout, and let us feel proud too that our spouses will be happy always. The village people are finally rewarded with such a nice hangout and we are proud to discover it… Hurray… Hats off to the three Lords.

A nice table attached to couch and well cushioned seats were vacant for Lords; fortunately (for them) or coincidently, it depends on the inference only. And we let our muscles to be loosened. Glassfuls of cold water and even three round trips of waiter could not let us decide our plan of action and if someone doesn’t annoy in such circumstances, does it mean he is well trained as a waiter? Can’t be said exactly. We finally settled for some viscous liquids with chicks and some noshes, and produced our experimental recipe before honorary waiters (though they are well paid, they die out for tips). And, Mota Bhai’s Nokia 6610 rang up. On the line were Lefty and Chhote Miyan (how can there be two people on one line??). Our exaggeration made them feel to join us in the experiment of survival from everyday onslaught of mess food. I don’t know how they made Mr. Sporty Hunk (courtesy to Lefty, as the name was first given by you) and Chiraunjee joined them, but just can figure out a bit of conversation among them.
Lefty: “Hey guys!! 3 of Lords have discovered a nice hangout while wandering. We are following them. Would you be pleased to join us?”
Sporty: “Where is it? I would certainly be pleased (It may help me in increasing the number of options for my most awaited date)”
Lefty: “Not so far. It’s in the village only.”
Chiraunjee: “Guys lets have a look at the mess menu. Hope something is edible today.”
Chhote Miyan: “No way. I can smell of their lovely, sweet/salty tasty pedigree only.”
Chiraunjee (with heavy hearts, at least you people would have let me check once): “Then no option left with me too.”
And the royal transport took them out of the Farmhouse dynasty towards the palace. Though Lefty, even with 2.5 cm thick glasses, could not find the signboard (as it happens usually with him), Chhote Miyan led all of them to the divine palace.
During those conversations, let’s looks at the changes which have taken place in the experimental plan of action. Mota Bhai suggested that we should now go for something heavy or light to welcome rest of our dearest pals and we nodded accordingly.
(After giving orders for final experimental recipe)
Mota Bhai (to the waiter): “As some of our friends have to come, so please bring all the orders only after they come.”
Waiter: “Yes sir. (Seems I will follow your instruction, hunh)”
(After a while, waiter came)
Waiter: “Sir, liquid dishes are ready, so please have it.”
Mota Bhai: “No problem. Please keep it in the kitchen only and follow our instruction. (Are these kind of lab assistants we provided with. Hunh. Paplu and Taplu are much better choice)”
(This waiter followed us, but as he reached the kitchen, he was unexpectedly booted out. Followed him a villainous person zoomed towards our dynasty like a rocket)
Villain: “Sir, this is prepared for you and do have it. Is it clear to you?”
Mota Bhai (frightened a bit): “Yes ssss… I got you. (Thank god! even mistakenly I did not say sir)”
Taauji (breaking the silence): “Amazing taste dude. (It reminds me of mess only and nothing else: P)”
Decidedly Mota Bhai goes for one request.
Mota Bhai (to the waiter, though a bit frightened of denial): “Please bring rest of the orders after the arrival of our guests only.”
(And reply was)
Waiter: “Sir, the orders are ready and we don’t want to mesh up. So, I am going to bring them”
Mota Bhai (amusingly saw our faces, and we gave a sympathetic smile, “sorry, we can’t help”): “Okie ssss… Bring those items also.”
(Courtesy to outsiders, as they would have confused that who is actually Lord Hanumana among the three, though we were normal IITians only. This IIT brand name at least serves the purpose to let us pay 10 % lesser than general public in the village hangouts)

The team finally arrives. Their liquid dishes are brought too except one. As we were served with the heavier ones, we somehow put an effort to differentiate between the qualities being served elsewhere.
(One more request)
Mota Bhai (off course to the waiter): “Please cancel the left one liquid dish.”
(Waiter nodded in agreement, but did he follow?)
(Experiment is about to be over. And the waiter brings the left liquid dish, and we could just glare in the amusement. "So rubbish a service yaar".)
(The final expectation of ending was that we could be provided with small bowls to dip our fingers in hot lemon water, though we ordered only Chinese. But, in this case, the intelligent people escaped.)
(Okie guys! Now our experiment has almost failed. As, if you follow a hypothesis and succeed it’s the proof of the hypothesis, and if you fail, it’s a discovery. So guys, say aloud, we have made a discovery. Three cheers for 7 lords. Hip! Hip! Hurray)


Saagar said...

How come you never mentioned how Good-looking Lefty looked in the entire episode?
And nice work with Chiraunji's Mess!

vaibhav said...

hey amul
nice work
though that day our food was horible but your blog has all the spies for a delicious blog curry.
keep it up

The Perfectionist said...

Fee fi fo fum! I smell the blood of a royal place. I expected Motu to flare's in the blood, you know. Pity I wasn't there.