Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'll be going home

Almost half the vacation is over and i am still enjoying roorkee. After the completion of end term exams, i was determined to concentrate on my research project, had dreams of bagging award of excellence, still do have, because summer vacation is not over yet and some what i followed it. Let's see how much i can excel. Some exceptions are there. I thought i'll be able to complete at least 2 session of Norman lewis' book daily, but could not follow it properly. I thought i'll read some course books for next semester, i'll be working on improvement of my poetic skills, but i did not follow it. That's why I feel, Its really tough to be a doer according to your thought. Then,what did i do actually? Got net in rooms during end term exams and excitement of that forced me to get the wireless card in the mid of exams. Not even that, i wasted two important preparation hours in trying to assemble it. Finally i did succeed in doing so and went online for two complete hours. Oh My God! A complete wastage of 4 important preparation hours, which i did not realize at that time but my grades in that paper made me realize the effort i had put in wasting my time and i tasted my 3rd B+ this semester. So worse of me. End sems were over, grades were displayed and i had to satisfy with a decent SGPA. Oh! Let me introduce you with my area of work a bit. I was working on fabrication of little dimensional objects, the so called nano structures. Whilst studying these structures, i found them so interesting, i made my dreams of joining research and development part of nano tech based industry, though its industrialization is still a dream. Well there is enough time left, off course till date, to realize whether i'll actually taste success in realizing my dream or not. One important part of my research project was those complements given by R K Sharma sir (FESEM lab attendant) during our sample characterization, "Are you guys doing a doctorate project in your B Tech only?" Those complements levitated me sometimes a little above the horizon. During those days, I tasted one good experience of using FESEM instrument by myself, which is not allowed to be handled by undergraduate students.
At the starting of vacations, i thought this summer is going to be toughest period of my life to spend, but you see i have spent almost half of those with some of my mates without facing very much difficulty. I should rather say, this summer has taught me a good lesson of life. But how did i mostly utilize this summer? Should i thank to Mr Orkut? I did study a bit, but remaining most of the time online and searching for someone to talk a bit, had that become an inevitable part of my summer days? Well hopefully i am now fed up of this orkut world and i'll be sincere again. The time has come to say good bye to roorkee for this summer with hopes of spending next summers overseas, with some determination of doing something more productive coming semester, I'll be going home by the end of this month. Bbye till next blog.


Saagar said...

Decent SGPA? 3 B+'s?

Enigma..!! said...

nice work B-)

Amul said...

@ Lefty: That was decent only yaar. I could not make it to my expectations :(.

@ Enigma: Welcome to this page :)

The Perfectionist said...

Screw you, Amul.....get ur CG's right or sumone is gonna kill ya (I was going to write sumthing else, but decided that the time and place of writing this comment and the recepient are not quite right for it).

Amul said...

@ Raps: I'll tryy my best this sem to make my cg upto my expectations. :) {so u wanna say tht to me in personal :D}