Sunday, July 01, 2007

Me, My friends and The Queen

I was not at all in a mood to waste the enjoyment of experiencing ever heard beauty of the Queen of Hills, when I had been there for the first time. Before going there, I did not even have a snowy dream. From the very evening I convinced two of my friends that we can witness snow there as it had been raining since last two-three days in R. It was the time just before the commencement of 3rd semester. I was listed among the few earlier arrivals {as usual, even while boarding train, my parents send me to the station at least an hour ago before the scheduled departure, so tragic:( while the land is well known for late arrivals of trains, laluland :(}. Joining me were Taauji and Mr. Poet J. As I have already written, I convinced them, so credit goes to me for such a nice experience (:D), later it might turn to a discredit. Finally the trio arrived in the valley, three smart, cool, hunks from MMED @ R (:D). Taauji reminded of his earlier visit to the place and convinced us to follow him for a cheap place to lodge, though our 1.5 miles walk in that freezing night went in vain, and finally to save ourselves from the freezing wind, we found a place. Got ready in a while to roam around the valley to witness the preparation for New Year celebrations and we were done with the examination of those within half an hour. So, what to do now? A big question! Answer came as, roam around. So we took off for to and fro motion started at one end of the well famous Mall Road and from the other end came back. Mind you, we completed perhaps 4 complete laps like this only before we sat in the church compound near a bonfire. And see the style of celebration the people there at midnight, all drunk, wishing everyone and little more active police trying to show off their power (may be, they would have developed this kind of style for New Year celebrations). Well at 00.30 we were right back to our lodging place, everyone busy with 4’X1.5’ toy (approximate dimension), wishing family members, colleagues et cetras. The weather in the night made us realize that we are not going to find snow anywhere around. So upset, I was. Snow will only be in my dream:(.
Next morning we woke up early, another outstanding incident. Well, who dares taking bath in freezing water, however rays of beautifully risen sun was welcoming us outside. And we went on. In the pathway, Taauji described his earlier experience, just like Grandpa is telling story of his time to the grandsons. He was much excited by his experience of beautiful combination of mountains which just looked alike camel’s back, and also the road from which that was visible was named so. We followed him and reached a place where a guy was standing with a telescope. Taauji asked him about the way to Camel Mountback Road and the answer was the way by which we came. So damn, we missed that. We had a glance at the signboard, showing the ways to Company garden, 6 KM, Campety Fall, 13 KM and some more. We decided we’ll go for company garden. But what about the conveyance? My extraordinary mind gave an idea to make this journey an adventure as I proposed to walk this much distance. Imagine what would have happened to Mr. J. He would have killed me for this reason, but he was so kind to me. We walked all the way, 6 KM up and down, to see children’s park. So damn a decision, but I enjoyed, not the garden, but the walk. Hopefully they too, even if they had not, they are not going to tell youJ. That day I took the decision “I’ll come again to enjoy my snowy dream”. Because, I went again and fulfilled my wishes :).
For that experience, wait for the sequel:). Coming soon. Till then, Bbye:)

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Smart-ok. Cool- hmmm, give you that. Hunk??????? GET REAL!