Sunday, November 11, 2007

Aging Treatment

People always worry about their past, present and even future. I wonder why they waste their energy in thinking about the outcome of those which has not yet happened, and about those which had already passed. Shouldn’t they utilize their energy utmost to enjoy the present, in which they live? Obvious answer comes, yes. These are al the philosophies being repeatedly said by wise people, in some way or other. I was wondering once about future of other people. Not mine! Here I list, whatever I could figure out about some of my dear colleagues:

The first name which comes to my notice is Boomerang theories Good Girl. A typical don character she plays nowadays. This reminds me about her old age resembling the “Grand Ma” in my colony, hearing whose steps we kids used to leave the playground silently and if caught, only god knew how much we and our parents were going to be scolded.

Any one can guess about the bright future of Mr. No Right. I guess his spects would become his most salient feature in his old days. Probably he may find his name in Guinness book of world records, for beating the thickness of Great Wall of China through his glass thickness. Ah! One more point to be noted, his PeeJays may catch quite good attention among his grandchildren, if he could find a more handsome lady than Aishwarya Rai.

Rapping Perfectionist is famous for his style of speaking, style of starting answers with “actually” and speaking out “Mr. Churchill”. Probably, he may lead a generation of his style. For the matter of fact, I am quite sure that his stories to his grandchildren would comprise of evolution of velociraptor and how could only one of the whole species survived 65 million years?

Thoughtful Misconception is a kind of human species, who thinks he is the most annoying guy on this planet by his PeeJays. What I could sense about his old age is that his grandchildren would definitely be able to make him whatever animal they like to see. After being tired from his service to the nation, he will be teaching his Shubhaasreewaad to his family.

What to say about Melodious Soumya. I think her grandchildren would also be calling her like this only. As it is common observation, that ladies in their old age become more involved in worshiping of god, so she would be pouring melody of bhajans for her lilliputians.

I still have hopes that Wild Bore will definitely learn by the time, exaggeration limit of the matters. Or, it may be otherwise that this limit would tend to infinity. In that case, his grandchildren would be listening in the Hindu mythological stories that Ram lived in “Dwapar Yug” and was alive in the “Treta Yug” to teach Krishna, that he has to kill Kansa. Histories may also include, saying he saw snow fall in his days at R.

Oops! This may be enough, because few more lines may lead to the blowing of Chocolaty blood. Bear with me please. I shall be back with some other exciting effects of aging treatment.


life's like that said...

the best artistic manifestation under legislation i have seen since days....

life's like that said...

a good one.... do post more of such hilarious observations!!

Lefty said...

I don't agree with my aging treatment. There's something called contact lenses.