Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Winter of '07


But before the next begins, where was chocolaty spending his vacations? Guessed? Off course, some days were spent at R (for the fulfillment of the curiosity of outcome of the previous). The moment arrived finally when chocolaty was excited for his first ever fly! Was he actually? Probably yes or may not. It was lucky indigo which got the privilege of offering chocolaty’s first ever fly in its airbus. Whatever be the situation at the ground, while in sky, he certainly was giggling with the scenic beauty, after getting the window seat. Rising sun through the sky crapping Himalayas, beautifully spread clouds which looked like heavy sea tides through out the reach of vision, combined with the beauty of Kanchanjangha summit, it felt that picturesque satire was planned to welcome chocolaty and offer him never dying memories of his first ever fly. Thanks to indigo. Thanks to winter academy organizing people. Thanks to nature.

Airbus reached Guwahati. The city of mighty and picturesque Brahmaputra, river islands, beaches, beach-islands, thick tropical green cover, natural sweet-water lakes, in the state of tea gardens welcome chocolaty. Taxi driver drove the way to Kapili, the privileged place to offer a week stay to chocolaty. It’s a hostel in IIT Guwahati. Whole campus surrounded with places of natural beauty and eye catching sights, especially in the evening time under the street lights. Seemed, it would have been a resort. First evening was just a formal welcome, and the beacon was lit for the war of brainwaves, so named Indo-German Winter Academy. It felt, moment later chapter one, two and three were closed with the strict routine life- wake up early, catch the bus by 7 am, have breakfast and the brainstorming session starts. Five potent dynasties were made martyrs everyday, with short intervals of refreshment for the next including a little larger one for feeding the energies to other brave sons of engineering schools, to keep their hearts beating at least upto their turn. And after this much disaster at the end of every chapter, no body could be left with enough courage to continue further. Another chapter began, with some soldiers having belief of survival, but probably intense prayers also could not work. After three happening days, some repose came into being, as further days were schedule for pre lunch battle only. Before welcoming this repose, a martial art dance program was organized. Sorry, can’t explain what happened there. Chocolaty did not attend that because he was reckoned to be the first soldier in the next day’s battle field. On the first chapter of repose, river cruise picnic was organized on the picturesque Brahmaputra. That night, local hosts led guests to their famous view point. The campus looks awesome from the top under the effect of great invention of Thomas Alva Edison. Next reposing session was spent for religious causes. Almost everyone went to the famous Kamakhya Temple in Nilachal Peaks and the Balaji Temple little ahead of the city. And then comes the last day at the battle field. Happyzzzz endingzzzz alwayzzzz.

Everyone was being emotional. To tie up these flow of intense emotions, local hosts decided to organize a farewell with Bonfire Nightout. Chocolaty describes that night in these lines:

आग की लपटें समां बाँध रहीं थीं
वारी-न्यारी यारी का पयाम बाँट रही थी
एक यादगार क्षण का लुत्फ़ झलक रहा था
सबकी हंसी ठिठोली से गुलशन महक रहा था
जब वक़्त बिछड़ने का आया,
अश्रुतीत थे हुए नयन|
सब अपने पथ को मुड़े,
दिलों में रहने का देकर वचन|

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