Friday, June 13, 2008

Euro Fever

On a beautiful spring evening, searching for a little place to witness the tussle does not state that I have caught the ongoing fever. Weather report says Deutschland will pour this week. Although it’s not pouring but weather is extremely fluctuating. In the morning thermometer indicates 22 degrees and cool winds from Alps may freeze you outside of your room. In the day time thermometer doesn’t indicate more than 25 degrees but weather is beautifully sunny hot and you can opt for sunbathe.

Yesterday evening Deutschland was playing Croatia and it was an opportunity for me to figure out the actual Euro-fever in Europe. I had to meet a German guy who had been to my home country for sometime and we had planned to watch the fever together. I didn’t know how fascinating he could be, about India or about Germany or specifically about the match; afraid of boredom I dragged some of my friends with me too. There was a big screen displaying the live match at our meeting spot and even one and a half hour before starting of the game freaks were present to reserve their seat. He took us to a biergarten so that we can find some places to sit there and enjoy the match. But, it was not in favor of Deutschland’s fortune that we could find a place actually. Then we decided to shift to the cultural center and this was the place where I could very well figure out the so called EuroFever. You can’t listen to the person standing beside you because of the synchronized noise level in support of Deutschland. Each and every freak was dressed in their tricolor flag or in the white team dress, sipping beer cans and shouting and shouting. If the Spartan plot of movie 300 had to be remade on this plot, the dialogue could certainly be “This is total madness” and in reply the deliverer could have been hit hard by the adidas’ soccer ball saying “This is Euro Fever and Deutschland is playing.” Or, might be his head could have been blown by the stroke of a beer bottle. In the awful combination of the madness and boredom of the German companion we decided to find our folks and we left that place saying “chuss” to Mr. German. As soon as we met our folks, Croatia did that. The first goal against Germany and I could see some faces leaning down in regret. May be they would be accusing Lehman as he was also considered to be the problem in the team. I’m not saying this on my own; actually I heard some of them to utter this. After the end of first half, I prayed for Croatia to continue and beat Germany so that I can observe another side of this fever, the agony. Truly as an observer, not at all malevolently I wished the same. And, Croatia did it again, but unfortunately I was no longer present to witness that. May Deutschland win against Austria! So that I can have further chances to complete my observation, and at least enthusiasm of these people does not die so early.

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