Monday, June 09, 2008

India Days

Reading a poster titled India-Days, anyone living outside this largest democracy on Earth, would fall into memories of his/her days spent in India, with its diversified culture and beautiful cosmos for living. Anyone who is eager to know India would be excited to attend it. When you invite a mix of people, some who belongs to India, some who has spent some moment in India and some who is eager to know about India, for such an event, just think of the beautiful intercultural experience being built for everyone. This is what exactly happened at Rupart Karlos University at Heidelberg, Germany.

On a fine morning, Deutsher Akademischer Austausch Dienst sent me an invitation to India-Days at Heidelberg. Reading the title excited me, and probably all other invited fellows, to enjoy a get together of many homely folks at home far-far away from home. The last weekend it held. Use wiki to know about Heidelberg, it would tell you about the most famous tourist spot there. It’s nothing but the Castle. So it was my first visiting spot too. At 1600 hrs we were received at the youth hostel and then we left for the Univ. for the formal inaugural of India-Days. Had a beautiful dinner at the Inaugural Night. The motto of this event was to impress Germans and Indians to enjoy the intercultural and educational experiences interchangeably. In other words, German agency was trying to impress Germans about India and to excite them to go to India. But, one thing for sure, in this event I realized the greatness of my country and how it is influencing the people far away. I am proud to be an Indian and every Indian must be. With EuroCup fever in whole of the Europe, it was a brilliant moment to enjoy our Desi disc that night. It was really good to see Germans, trying their hand on Bhangra with us and even singing our bollywood songs. This moment gave us another opportunity to see the fireworks at the Castle in the memories of burning of the castle by striking of a lightning. After another formal end to the event we diverted according to our previous plans to the cities of our interest and landed at Frankfurt, a commercial hub of Deutschland. Finally back to week life at work.

Cia later.

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