Wednesday, October 01, 2008

It wasn’t a time to do everything I wanted. I wasn’t in a somber (or jolly) mood either. Neither was it a time to blog. I don’t know why I made up my mind to put the reflections down here. I apologize to any vagabond (or wanderlust), luckily or unluckily, fording across this ravine of state of my mind. I apologize if you fell down here searching a scintilla of profundity. Quite contradictory, but full of verity, it is a ravine but lacks depth. Sometimes even I myself am not aware of my swerving mood. 

After having a jubilant and happening summer vacation in the lands far-far away, where resided a cruel ruler few decades ago, I returned to enhance my experience. I returned with a determination to rise again to explore the world, for which there is no rest of the world. Two months of painstaking efforts to master a geeky list of three-thousand-five-hundred weapons proved a killjoy till the d-day. I swear, my efforts weren’t degenerated, but I succumbed. I resigned before a machined program. Then and there I realized what my mistake was. Since the age of five, when I started learning, till date I kept myself away from English literature. Reading newspapers only did never proof helpful enough, to comprehend the reading. Two days of great depression, when the mood of financial market is also distressed, broke me from within. Then, rose the resolve again, to help me out of this Styx

It’s time for everyone for a week off. I’m signing off with a determination to keep this page updated.

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