Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Employment paradox

Things do change. This is what, we all perceive and do believe. These are the days when many like me would be thinking the same way. After crossing the GREy period, I had been busy planning and trying to shape my career. The most happening semester of my undergrad life has been recently completed. Since the beginning of this semester, subprime bubble was approaching to touch the pin point. September 20th: It fianlly happened. Then and there onwards, the booming global economy has seen a sudden downturn. Elite poeple had been discussing, suggesting and if in their hand, started acting to control the meltdown. Financial market sank. Many of the major players are not any more among corporates. We had been observing this closely but was not able to appreciate the effect in our lives, until the semester approached completion. Yes! It should now be the time of rigorous interview sessions, for us. Haplessly, we are sitting idle, playing AOE or just killing time, hoping for our windfall; The Employment. In turn the situation has shown a viscitude to employers. Big players are not coming to hire us, so the dreams of many of us have simply died and they are just looking for a job. Small players are back with their good old attitude and thus fully exploiting the opportunity to hire "too-good-for-them" and savoring the fruits of recession. However, even in this situation, there lies their own eyecatching hiring style, asiding "good-boys" for a "fairer-sex". What am i doing? Yes! I am still looking for a career, rather than a job. Somewhere lies my ray of hope, which consoles me deeply and assures me that I will have my viscitude of fortune. Yes! Someday I will savor fruit of my patience and perseverance.

on special note: This most happening semster has cursed me with my first ever sgpa in 8 :(.

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