Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Those were the best days of my life"

Alas! Almost eleven months later I’m reminded of this page. I have no idea why had I been away from this page? Well, most often, I bang on someone’s head to visit my blog. But, I’m not doing that too, cuz I know I don’t have any updates since long. There is nothing much to update, except to share It was December 19, 2008 then and it is November 14, 2009 today. I was in R then, living those best days of my life, assembling memories. I’m no more there, left with only those unforgettable moments at farmhouse (Alas! I miss it the most), at adorable nesci, at CL or at any other place in the vicinity of R where we folks left our footprints, carved some memories, where we had crushes. I wish whenever I go there, I should be able to recall those footprints. Perhaps, I’ll relive my best days, though ephemerally. Perhaps, I might burst into tears. And, yes, I'm reminded of this page today, because I'm missing something. It's Convocation week for my batch and I could not attend the same. Damn! Few weeks ago, my some of the dearest friends started talking about their presence to witness the ceremony. I envied them. Deep within in my heart I was actually dieing to be there. November 4th, it was Sajjy's birthday, and when I called him, he told me something. I was like crying at the moment. I could not control my happiness, when I heard that. It was supposed to be a surprise, so he asked me not to tell anyone else. I tried hard, but almost spoiled his surprise. He was actually going to attend the Convocation and on the convocation eve I unvealed his surprise. Sorry Sajjy. I talked to almost everyone from farmhouse, present in R, and I was like crying when someone said "we'll miss u". If only, I could also be there, with them I would have relived the days which will never be back again. Atleast for few hours, I would have relived a day in my life. I was missing everything. Yes! I might not be physically present there, but I was there, in every other way, in their memories. I did not sleep whole night, rather I tried hard to remain connected live to the ceremony through an online streaming. When I heard those golden printed names, I almost jumped off my desk. Call me crazy, but I was trying everything possible to be present there. I was trying to snapshot them, like it would have been if I was there. And, then it was over. We all are Graduate now. Congratulation folks. Love you.

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