Sunday, January 10, 2010

Moments! Just moments!

This post had to come almost a month ago, but the inertia had its effects, as always. Procrastinated. Well, allowed time, I have more things to share here. It’s been a month since my first quarter was over, and there were the boring moments when I even tried to bunk the lab work. Suddenly it felt like an emergency evacuation of the whole campus. Then I realized, forthcoming was the big celebration moments, for people in this alien land. Yes! You guessed it right, Christmas and New year celebrations. The moments passed by, the wait for these celebrations multiplied by a factor of eagerness. For me, there was something more to come. If I say it a chance to relive my R-days, that wouldn’t be an exaggeration. It was December 24, 5:30 pm at 111 E town center, Nitin was being greeted by the hosts in Columbus. As the moments progressed, footsteps of Rangha landed here, after circumscribing a round of the Small-Cute-Building (read, state house). Then, came Mr. Wild Boar. After having a painful wait of more than 4 hours at his village bus station, the bus people finally allowed him to travel. It wasn’t his fault though, the heavy snowstorm made this worse. And then began our days. Merry Christmas! Following night, Zutshi landed in Columbus, just for a short trip though, but yeah! He seemed happy coming out of a his beautiful village of great science, called Urbana, for few fun moments. Though he was surviving there with another work, not to mention Skyping. The Journey began. Firstly, the troop marched to flag the shows of the Big-Bollywood-Release. I had earlier experiences of wrong planning making the trip adventurous, and this time I shot the arrow. There was some theater X where 3-idiots was supposed to be shown. Confidently, rather over confidently, I found out bus route of theater Y, and everyone just followed me. At the ticket counter, a soft spoken lady says ‘Maybe you got confused with X’ and then a back travel inside my mind, and I realized that I was the culprit. Thankfully, They were showing Avatar, that too in 3-D, (not the IMAX one), so it just saved me being a complete spoilsport. A Sigh! Day worth spent. Next day, we had a lavish Indian buffet and then we did watch the 3-idiots. The same night, Zutshi was replaced by Kaka. It wasn’t a bad idea to spend one day in the kidz-world, though we did enjoy the Dome theater experience there, in a Planetarium. Next day’s hunt for laser-tag was almost becoming a disappointment, but in the end, it became a sweet memory. Yes! It was December 30, 2009. The Reservoir Dogs had a hunt. Later days just passed so smoothly, in downtown night clubs, welcoming first night; in some other restaurant watching football leading to a Great-Suar-Deed, or in experiencing the development from Wright brothers’ Gliders to the unmanned Bugs in Dayton Aviation museum. Yes! Days just passed, and then everyone was departing. Thankyou folks, for those amazing days, a chance to reinvent life, which was being lost in this market.

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