Monday, January 18, 2010


Five years ago, it was Lohri time and a charming young lady made her bollywood debut in an Ashutosh Gowarikar movie. Unfortunately, Indian cinema didn’t get much from her. Yes! That movie was superb. I was at Coal land those days, and excited after hearing my first semester results, I ran with one of my friend to the theater. Not only I admired the movie, but also, from the very first movie, I had become great fan of the beauty queen.

Few days ago, it was again Lorhi time and I somehow reminded of the beauty queen once again. I went to look for her recent profile in Wikipedia and found that she had been married the same year I left coal land for R. What a heart-break for me! To appreciate the charm of her image inside my soul, I went to watch Swades again. Yes! I was talking about Gayatri Joshi.

In general, I do not dare to watch a movie even second time, unless it produces some deep effect in me. I must say, in last three days, I have seen the movie thrice. Yes! You read it right, three times. It was not the reason that I missed the beauty queen. Probably I was feeling lonely. For the first time I saw it, my thoughts flew back home. When, I was lying on the terrace under the shining winter sunrays, and my younger was trying to take his kite to the summit. When, Mumma would just bring a cup of Nescafe with homemade toasts for me. When, I would spend hours lying just like that. When, we all kids would fill up ourselves with Tilkuts etc. and would be scolded for not eating regular meal. When, Mumma would cook spicy and delicious mutton curry for us. When, we kids would all gear up to celebrate Vasant Panchami and upnext the festival of colors, Holi. Damn! I was being homesick. Probably, added to these, my thoughts spiced up things little bit, and it created a charming young lady who would have impressed me much and she’s also waiting for me there. Probably, when I go back there, I would wander in search of this imaginative beauty. Flown in these thought, I watched Swades again. I could notice a soft smile on face, in each and every scene of the movie which I adored.

Conclusion of the story: I wanna go home.


अभिनव said...

"...apni chaukhat ka diya giving light to neighbour's houJ"
well there's no harm if u learn away from ur 'home'... but d point is: DO COME BAK :)

Amul said...

Don't worry.. I won't disappoint you :)