Monday, July 01, 2013

O' you nightingale eyes

O' You nightingale eyes
You saw me through
my weirdest replies

I wasn't shy
Or, maybe was I
I saw you smile
Couldn't look away for a while

You knew it right then
What my heart had spoken
I did not wanna accept
Neither I wanted any regret

Yes, I was confused
When you approached
I tried to look away
Then, I heard you say "Hey"
Through my pounding heart
You perhaps, got a reply

I tried to be calm
So brought up a smile
We went for a walk
Romance was our talk

The evening was bright
Under beautiful moon-light
As I held your hand
Felt if I could stop slipping of the sand

A thank you, from the heart
For taking the start
For breaking the ice
O' you nightingale eyes
You saw me through
my weirdest replies

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