Friday, August 03, 2007


Chocolaty heartily welcomes you all after a Great Summer Break. Everyone is turning out to be a story teller (then, why would Chocolaty be left behind?). Some about their intern experiences in contrast to those who are contemplating about their wastage of that period (But, everyone has something to tell.). The first few folks among my classmates, who went for intern, got great rewards at the site. E.g. Lefty’s dear ex-roomy got two chicks to have lunch with. (Probably this was the only reason, which raised a whim in many a left-ones to try their luck also) and on the other side, Escorts were frying Dear Tommy, that too in metallurgical furnaces. (These are the facts, as I got to know from those folks only. Kudos to Google, as it invented Gtalk) Chocolaty had a buttery-bitterly experience too. (Read here, if really concerned to know)

Well, everyone is back to village R, (I hope) and busy in cumbersome working life. God was literally too crazy to see Good Folks rocking and gave an onslaught of huge series of lectures and lab works (damn the inventor of Time Table, it's too clumsy). That too could not satisfy Dear Almighty and imposed two bombardiers to guard us, namely Dangerous Danny, (Alas! If it would have been Danny Danzeoppa) and Ka(r)ma-less Chang-Rae. The only reward he bestowed upon us is Sam-Eeksha Jay-in. From the very first lecture, houseful and doubtful classroom is being noticed. Fight for being a frontier degree holder (Oh God! Can’t you notice the change? I tell you, numbers of one lecture doubts are rarely experienced in whole semester.) From the first day, everyone is loving to learn Financial Accountancy skills. Even folks from other dynasties are noticed to come for extra working hour (so excited!!).

At the end, Chocolaty wishes you all a very bright semester (start using CFLs in your room, because monsoon is determined to guard you from sun this autumn).

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