Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Missing something

Hostel life comprise the most joyful moments of anyone’s life. We make our dearest pals, without whom, even a morning tea seems tasteless. At the end of hostel life, who wants to depart from those dearest pals? Actually, no one. Everyone flowing deep in the nostalgic feeling, says good bye, makes promises to be in contact. But, finally one has to depart. A deep thinking mesmerizes one to fall back in those memories. Remembering those night outs, those birthday bumps, those late night chats (online!! working hard to impress girls [;)]), pinches and slaps, bunking classes, copying test assignments, struggle for marks, writing name of his crush on the desks and decorating around that name, tears for love and just everything, everything which one misses after departing from hostel mates. That’s the reason of calling this life as Heaven. Chocolaty has successfully completed his sophomore year and entered into pre-final year. Among the past years, all of which are just memories now, the fresher year life was something more fun, more adventurous, livelier, more adorable, more knowledgeable, and many more things which can’t be expressed just in words. Those days were heavenly. Chocolaty was residing with most rocking folks. He was allotted a double seated room, with a roommate who at the price of life's some most beautiful moments, deserves to be among the most endeared ones. The bunch of sixteen most lively folks, taught him the way to live, to be lively. Since the starting of the fresher year, till the end, every moment he lived, lived because of those endeared ones, still living with that livelihood. At the end of fresher year, Chocolaty had to depart from those pals, because he was the only one from other branch in that group. Less interaction with own branch-mates could not leave any other option with him, except whichever bunch of people accepts him, just like he was going to be an orphan at home away from home, without those friends. But some people had to accept me in their group, and probably the lesson learnt there did not leave any difficulty in adjusting among new friends, who were unknown to him, till the end of fresher year, to whom he was an unknown identity. One complete year has passed with those friends too and Chocolaty feels the absence of his dear roomy, those dearest pals. Though they are within the campus only, and sometimes he meets them also, but sometimes only. For the rest of the time, only memories are there and these will be carried out till he becomes an undergraduate, and further till the end of life.

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