Friday, August 10, 2007

Closing Tag Chain.. Sorry

As I got the news that Lefty has Tagged me, i read the rules carefully, and I was damn sure, still I am, that I shall not be able to find even one to continue the chain. So decided to post my reply in Lefty's comment only and did post too. Good Girl read that, and she gave me a suggestion that I should have posted in my blog page (probably i found that good, so trying to follow).

So Here it goes:

1) I am fond of Hard Working environment. Plausibly, this makes my friends feel afraid of knocking at my door for any help during exam time [:(]
2) I capitalize myself in research works. Thus Labs are my favorite classrooms.
3) I have very rude attitude towards people of fairer sex. May be, this is developed as a consequence of shyness which i had before coming to R.
4) Till date i have not developed any interest or hobbies. Probably, God only knows when i shall have atleast one.
5) Sometimes I write Hindi poems. Some of my friends admire me for this creativity. Thanks to those people who regularly goes to my page [:)]
6) I don't know how to ride a BICYCLE [:)]. So I request those Gurlz who dream of dating with me and long drive (this is usually found as their idea of a dream date), please hurry up for a life insurance plan before you meet me. I assure, you can make the insurance company bankrupt.
7) I tried hard to be among the most respected LLBs but [:(] could never be. Always had to sit in the front bench. Still continuing with the poor habit.
8) I love spicy food. But, Dear Almighty could not see me like that, and cursed me by weakening my liver and Poor Chocolaty had no other option left with, to stop eating outside the MESS [:(]

Well, These random facts I posted on Lefty's blog page first, so you can read from there too.

I could not find anyone whom i can tag[:(]. So stopping the chain. Hope other tagged people do not curse me.


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Awesome blog, great write up, thank you!