Saturday, January 05, 2008


1+4+0+8 = 13, the evil fucking number

Once upon a time there lived a heart, which believed that it would never give up while watching any sensational, thrilling or horrific movie. It had witnessed the sensation and thrill of movies like grudge, final destination, ring and many more without a maiden sign of fear. Anytime, if challenged it had seen the winning side only, just like the famous writer Michael Enslin who always enjoyed the adventure in finding out the truth out of myth. Yes, yes, this is the guy who actually stopped that brave heart to beat anymore.

It is all about the movie 1408, which is centred on this character. Michael Enslin used to write about the hidden truth behind the myth about evilness of hotel rooms. He always won, but it was room number 1408 in hotel Dolphin which challenged his willpower. It was believed that no body could stay alive more than an hour inside that room. Mike became excited in finding out the truth behind this. Hotel administration tried its best to prevent the brave check into that room, by threatening him of the previous incidents, but he was a soldier of spirit. And, with that spirit only he enters the room, assuring himself to find out the truth. Few moments later, the evil of the room starts taking action, and a timer showing his lifetime started blinking. What was happening to that brave young man, I would not write that here, because it is really difficult to describe the thrill of the events which occurred. I can only say that whatever happened inside the screen, my brave heart died of its courage. The situation became like whenever a thrill was suspected, I paused the movie and went out to relieve the past effects of thrill of the movie, and start afresh to face next. Salute to the brave young man. However that character was fictitious, the events happening with him challenged my intrepid heart to every extent it could be possible.

At last, a must watch movie for every brave heart.

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