Saturday, January 26, 2008

When winter became panic

Its the start of 2k8 and winter season is at its extreme. As R is famous for uneven mood of weather, so anyone can guess its mood this time. January, started with little windy and chilling mood and probably would end up unchanged. People have even reported to find ice bricks lying on the lawns. If you go to buy a chocolate, and get a stone hard frozen one, then it should not be any surprise. All you have to do is to use hammering tools, readily available with meta and mech people, to savor it. If chocolate could freeze, then its obvious if chocolaty is shivering too much. Seems chocolaty has surpassed his and directly entered into geezerhood. Another hitherto being the suffering from abdominal pain. Now it has advanced to the extreme. Reason being, great hospitality available in R. First checkup, and sophisticated person just tries to guess something and ipso facto use you as his experimental physical model, ignoring the real that you are the prototype. You may have to skip your meals, as quantities of experimental parameters would be sufficient enough to feed the live machine. Later comes the diagnosis part. A 4x3 sq inch booklet contains all your history of using hospitality of R. And in some cases, you may be referred out for some proceedings. Today, chocolaty was seen to use outside hospitality, for inner diagnosis using radiography. It was 4th time in 4 years this body had been subjected, for radio waves to peep inside the abdomen. Only reason being other symptoms like extreme concentrated pain. Tried and tested, results are every time the same. Some thing was special during this experimentation. As chocolaty was already shivering from cold, he was given a punishment in lieu of availing this diagnosis. Called inside the clean room, asked to lay down on the experimental table exposing the parts above waste. See how humiliating these medicos are, as they had been watching the person shivering in cold because of exposing the body and the doc was involved in a private discussion. Whenever tried to cloth it, was warned by dementors. This punishment continued for 15 dying minutes. When the experiment was over, the body was booted out as another samples had to be prepared, for the same experimentation. Hope, some sensibility could be rooted in the mighty skull of these dementors.

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