Wednesday, February 27, 2008

First anniversary of a Legitimate bachelor

It wasn’t a glooming darkness. Neither was sun being extravagant at the rise nor was the spring loosing its charm. But, certainly all those were being so picturesque that a rhetoric soul would definitely start penning down the cosmos being built; certainly it was bringing, for him, a reason to smile. It was the day, on which Chocolaty passes a complete year post legitimacy of bachelorhood. For the first time, he was celebrating his birthday among friends this way. Lords have grown up from R culture of beating-one-hard. So quite lucky he was, No Bumps! It was quarter to 0000 and lords started in its style. Noodles and lays made the tongue feel tasty-salty while refreshing Double-Sundae and heavenly Black Forest made everyone delighted. Just one to go and My-can started being shaken and at 0000 its seal broke and filled the cosmos with carbonaceous liquid. Having sipped those cans focus was brought to the pineapple cake and the party went on. Creative 2.1 was sufficient enough to let the wise people living in apartments beside lords’ dynasty know what is going on, and eventually they could not restrain themselves to point it out! His beloved Nokia 6610 started functioning; probably airtel was also supporting others to express them to Chocolaty.

Waking up with rising sun and a charming smile to follow daily routine was not surprising for him. The real surprise came a while later, like pooh was wishing birthday to piglet. A beautiful cartoon evolved in the black background to wish his birthday with utterly-butterly and delicious style. But fortunately (I would say it fortunately!) it was so happy to enjoy the chocolaty birthday, it forgot to disappear before the wise man could figure it out. And, here only he revealed that he actually noticed banging creative 2.1. Whole forest started singing the birthday song, reminding chocolaty of his schooldays. Thanks to you all.

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