Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm back!

Ah! I’m back.
It’s been long writing something, so it’s just something I’m penning down here (rather typing). Many more things happened during this long break. Many more times I thought of updating those here, but all those many more times I could just think. Result is before you. If you like to know in brief then follow else press Alt+f4 and wait for next update as that may bring you something readable.
Well, to start with, I would like to express something about my first ever engineering experience. I led the smart folks to an industrial trip in an industry situated in the state of erstwhile Rajputana. My first ever experience of a tour with whole lot of smart folks (along with a Geek!!). For those six days, it felt that could we have the power to stop the time to run! Days exhausted in industry and at night we all explored the city of lakes. Going to industry places was something which we never wanted during the tour but it allowed us to have an adventurous and beautiful experience of walking 1000 ft down the level on which humanity resides on the planet. Yes! It’s a mine. Listening about a mine first imagination in anyone’s mind comes of a coal mine, black everywhere and very dirty and muddy even. But it wasn’t a coal mine. Brilliant engineering masterpiece, as it is brilliantly air cooled. Rest about the city, where you can find many more places of historic importance, especially forts, palaces and lakes. The thing which I loved the most about that place was food. Always went for typical rajasthani food. Searched for best restaurants and I would suggest if you ever happen to visit that place do search for “Aapni Dhaani” and enjoy a brilliant combination of delicious food and excellent service. I would love to be there again and again.
It’s only in brief. If you wish to listen to the story in full detail then come to me sometime. Well, I have successfully completed my junior year. Before being promoted to senior year and the last memorable year of my undergraduates, I’m off to Deutschland for 10 weeks. I will try to keep this page updated from there. Watch out!

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