Friday, May 23, 2008

First impression as a Foreign National

Here it goes!

I’m finally landed at the land of Nazi’s. Country looked beautiful and green at first glance. The very first day, got the impression proved that Deutschland is the country which live by rules. Went through all formal proceedings to be a legitimate inhabitant of the city. Another important thing was the impression I received from the institution I would be working, it is maintained under extreme securities. Had to sign non disclosure agreement too, so I’m bound not to disclose what I have seen here. I’m provided with a nice apartment in the institute building only. The city I’m residing in is a village by the standards of Germany, but comprise of many big supermarkets and a mall which is surely more than double in size of Pacific in Ghaziabad. Its spring time here, so all around city is blossoming with greenery. Temperature always lies between 20-23 degrees. Sometimes it drizzles here too (perfect time to date someone ;) ).

The most problematic part of my stay, that people rarely speaks English here. So, I have become more of a dumb as I have to convey my messages through hand-gestures. Hope during my stay I would be able to learn a bit of their language. Rest, in the next update. This weekend I’m planning a nice city trip, so may be there would be more for you in the next.


Raps said...

My mail refuses to reach a land once tread on by the epitome of human evil......but I hope comments can put the past behind them. Glad to know you are enjoying it. I've not quite gone green yet, but more posts and mails like that are likely to make me do so. You'll learn German fast enough. Otherwise, follow Jeff's footsteps and make the most of it (refer Coupling Season one- episode 'The Girl with Two ******').

Amul said...

Hmmm.. i could ave watched the coupling season. Here it's too difficult to live the normal life, everywhere bounded by securities. Even IT usage is under high security. :(
Pitiful me