Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ten unhappening days :(

Today is the day number eleven at a world which seemed completely unknown from a land few thousand miles farther. When you have not reached such place, you sometimes dream about the new experiences of life. New people, new climate, new living style and even the language. Smart enough people do adjust each and every unprecedented circumstance. Being an IITian (considered the hub of smart people), I was proud enough to be able to tackle the new environment. But, somewhere it let me down. Hunh! Not knowing their language has become an attacking tool for them. When I joined the institute as Guest Scientist, I got a login account here. Smart folks around me adored me, but they are unaware of the attacking tool that account is being used as. Each and every day, I am being forced to use Google’s language tool at least 5 times and for that matter many thanks to Google, Freetranslation and Leo. Even before going to the market, I need the help of these tools, to identify exactly what I need. But, after all I belong to the Great Indian Hub of Smart People, so I’m smartly surviving here. (Nice nomenclature after all ;) ).

Ten days have past and I’ve a fairly good idea of the city. So, let me take you to the tour of the city I’m residing in. Hitler and his followers made the city Nuremberg famous as they were trialed here after World War II. Nuremberg is also famous for some ancient civilization in Europe, which I have not yet bothered to find about. However I’m in possession of city map, provided by the person-in-charge of strategic planning of my institute, which coveys enough detail about the visiting places of the city. My city is around 12 kilometers away from Nuremberg airport and is known as Erlangen. As I’ve already mentioned its blossoming spring here, so city looks quite green. Summer is arriving and its initial phase is really intolerable. You always feel to be beneath cold shower. This city has almost a hundred thousand people living in. Twenty five thousand works here for Siemens and twenty five thousand studies here in the university. So removing these two will resize the city into half. Found many Indians here, mostly working for Siemens only. And, none the less a sardaarji too. Meeting sardaarji was quite eventful. I was going to the residence of other smart folks. Two of them were with me too. We came out of the supermarket with large baggages of eatables and caught the wrong bus, which left us at a place atleast five kilometers away from our destination. And next bus at that stop was one and a half hour later. So we had no option else to walk. After thirty minutes of exhaustive walking we reached a stop where next bus was half an hour later and there was not enough courage to walk further. It was like a picnic spot for us, opening our food packets we were enjoying the brunch hour. Suddenly one of us saw the most privileged sardaarji taking out his car and he just zoomed towards him. A sympathetic feeling for his countrymen led us find a place into the car and he dropped us to the right spot. He also promised us to invite on the opening of his Indian eatery in the early June. Hope we could find a place to eat like home. This weekend we folks are off for the Erlangen Beach Party. Wanna come along, then join us ASAP else wait for this page to be updated.


Raps said...

Your city??? Seems you've taken it by a storm. Try babel fish on altavista. I like it better than google translator. also, there is a little something called the english to german pocket dictionary, which, I believe, is easier to handle than the computer in your room, and is always at your beck and call when you need to translate a pick up line.

Amul said...

Thanks raps. I'm using it also sometimes. And I don't wanna load me up with a dictionary :(